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zoa 1.png

XROSX: The Light Bringer


Real Name: Exorion Solus

Zodiac Class: Exo Light 

Skill Class: Tactician 

Species: Evosapien

Age: N/A

Height: 8'11 Weight: N/A

P.O.B: Zone 7 Constellation

Prior Affiliation: Exo Nation

Primary Weapon: Crucifix Tri-Blade

Secondary Weapon: Sniper Rifle

He is known as the light bringer. The name given to him by the screams of the Darc Horde. His triumphs during the great games proved his leadership capabilities. Now Xrosx is the commander of the Zone Syx Vanguard. ​He leads a path of faith, knowledge, and justice.

Zone Abilities: His Exo power allows him to manipulate pure light into the physical reality. But like the others using this power can come with a cost.

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Real Name: Ja'el Moon

Zodiac Class: Azu Spirit

Skill Class: Executioner

Species: Evosapien

Age: N/A

Height: 8'9 Weight: N/A

P.O.B: Zone 1 Constellation

Prior Affiliation: Azu Nation

Primary Weapon: Suspension Blade

Secondary Weapon: Slug gun

He is cool, calm, and confident but deep within his core, he has an unsettled fury waiting to be unleashed. ​ His ability to execute orders earned him his place in the Zone Syx Vanguard. His presence was worshipped in the Tournaments of Evolution. ​


Zone Abilities: The element of the Azu Spirit allows him to manipulate energy to create a zone capable of unlimited spiritual possibilities.

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PORTAL: The Summoner


Real Name: Moana Veil

Zodiac Class: Vio Power

Skill Class: Assist

Species: Evosapien

Age: N/A

Height: 8'2 Weight: N/A

P.O.B: N/A

Prior Affiliation: N/A

Primary Weapon: Assault Whip 

Secondary Weapon: Sub Machine Gun

Her destructive rage is known not only by the Darc Horde but by her fellow teammates as well... ​ She has earned her place without question among the Syx. Portal holds the keys to the past, present, and future in many ways. ​


Zone Ability: Portal has the power to bend time, space, shadow, and destiny but each one at its own cost.

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ZOO: The Nature Boy


Real Name: Zeta Grim

Zodiac Class: Zol Nature 

Skill Class: Hunter | Gatherer

Species: Evosapien

Age: N/A

Height: 8'3 Weight: N/A

P.O.B: Zone 2 Constellation

Prior Affiliation: Zol Nation

Primary Weapon: Tri Staff

Secondary Weapon: Twin Daggers

Not much is known of Zoo, he holds many secrets and seems to have his own agenda. ​We do know him as a participant in the Tournament of Evolution and he was the only one that posed a challenge against Stylez that never got settled on that dark day...


Zone Ability: Zol Nature allows him to manipulate the terrain within his zone proximity. Thus creating his own habitat of horror.

zoa 1.png

ATLAS: The Architect


Real Name: S-J77

Zodiac Class: N/A

Skill Class: Analytical

Species: Sentient Sentinel

Age: N/A

Height: 4'4 Weight: 275 

P.O.B: Earth 23

Prior Affiliation: None

Primary Weapon: Data Scanner?

Secondary Weapon: Dirt Duster?

Atlas is a part of a cybernetic collective of advanced sentinels. A colony of travelers that seek to aid endangered species and planetary phenomena. After the colony's disappearance, he and a few others are helping the Evosapein Species reclaim the planet Evoria.


Zor: The Horde Titan

Horde Commander

Real Name: Zor

Zodiac Class: Darc Shadow

Skill Class: Berserker

Species: Retriever

Age: N/A

Height: 30+ Weight: N/A

P.O.B: N/A

Prior Affiliation: N/A

Primary Weapon: Melee

Secondary Weapon: Terrain

This guy is out there still carrying out his queen's orders... Since her death, he has been moving under the radar.


DARC HORDE: Retrievers

The Seekers

Real Name: N/A

Zodiac Class: N/A

Skill Class: Hybrid

Species: Retriever

Age: N/A

Height: 4' to 30'ft Weight: N/A

P.O.B: N/A

Prior Affiliation: N/A

Primary Weapon: Melee

Secondary Weapon: Terrain

They are the new rulers of planet Evoria. It is the Retriever Horde that guards the secrets, the power, and the treasures within the infinite world.

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