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XROSX: The Light Bringer


Real Name: Exorion Solus

Elemental Class: Exo Light 

Skill Class: Tactician 

Species: Evosapien

Age: N/A

Height: 8'11 Weight: N/A

P.O.B: Zone 7

Prior Affiliation: Exo Nation

Primary Weapon: Crucifix Tri-Blade

Secondary Weapon: Sniper Rifle

He is known as the light bringer. The name given to him by the screams of the Darc Horde. His triumphs during the great games proved his leadership capabilities. Now Xrosx is the commander of the Zone Syx Vanguard. ​He leads a path of faith, knowledge, and justice.

Zone Abilities: His Exo power allows him to manipulate pure light into the physical reality. But like the others using this power can come with a cost.

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